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Business value for you

We are offering the most powerful products for integration- and monitoring on the market as well as innovative infrastructure solutions and leading system development.

This forms the essential basis for creating digital opportunities for your business

About us

Business value through insight & digitalization

When we derive insight into the customer's business and understand how modern technology influence the organization, digital potential is created. This insight makes it possible to create solutions that provide the customers objectives within digitalization as well as increased productivity, efficiency and security. 

We love technology and are passionate about system integration plattforms, infrastructure solutions and system

development. Our ultimate goal is to solve the customer's challenges in terms of digitalization, productivity and efficiency. 

We are proud to have the opportunity to recommend products from business partners as IBM, Huawei, Citrix, Lenovo, Microsoft, Netlang, Xtellus, OP5 and others.

It is a true privilege for us to have the opportunity of working with customers operating in various industries. 


We need more professionals

Do you want to take the next step in your career? If you have the adequate education and the constant will to succeed, please  give us a call. We would like to meet you and talk more about your future and our passion for digital opportunities.
Services as below:
  • System Integration
  • Java Developer
  • IBM Power I
Please contact:

Hans Lindh, President

070-520 80 65

Björn Orvestad, Technical Sales Manager

070-515 22 30


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Box 15

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