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Digitalt value in the Nordic market

When we derive the insight into the customer's processes and understanding how the digital transformation influence the business, digitalt value is created. With this insight, our specialists can create solutions to transform threats into possibilities.

We are offering the most powerful products for integration- and monitoring on the market as well as innovative infrastructure solutions and leading system development. This forms the essential basis for creating digital value for you. Besides, Xtellus 360 integration product provides you data for successful management and advanced data analysis.


Our ultimate goal is to evolve the digital business of our customers. Security is always a high priority for us. We have got the adequate knowledge and experience to ensure customer data, user access to critical systems e.g. mail and browsing encryption technologies. Our commitment includes service for application and infrastructure including monitoring of the IT environment for you as a customer We feel proud for the confidence our customers gave us for more than 45 years of system development.

For the present we are most experienced in the IBM Power (AS 400) technologies in Sweden.

ICECON CLOUD CENTER - Full flexibility, security and accessibility We offer cloud solutions and customer support in our own data center. We are at this point 25 employees and operates in Umeå, Luleå, Kramfors and Göteborg.

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