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Designed for your Digital Transformation

Integration platform as a service

Netlang is an integration platform as a service, iPaaS, with several new inventions that meet the increasing digitalization demand over large number of sites and between companies. Netlang’s new approach give an elegant solution to many of the problems you face in large scale integration projects. Netlang also enables you to build some large-scale solutions that earlier was too expensive. 

Global problem solving

In an integration solution spanning over different locations, companies or countries it takes time to identify a failing network or resource. Problem solving often start in parallel at all affected locations and when the problem finally is located it is hard to know who to engage. The total cost is significant, and the downtime is normally unnecessarily long.

In Netlang every resource is monitored in the cloud and give a global status picture available to all. A failing resource or network is spotted immediately and there is always contact information connected so the issue can be resolved quickly.

Central security

There is always a myriad of ways security is handled in large integration environments. Some systems are totally unprotected, and others use different levels of security. As time goes by, it is natural that the security level rises as flaws are detected. It is also often up to the individual doing the integration to have the right knowledge. Over time it is hard to keep everything updated.

In Netlang all flows between different networks are on high security and it is automatically updated to latest security standards. If you are copying a file to a customer or querying a database in a remote country the information is always secured in the best possible way.

Integration between many locations

Building solutions where information is exchanged between many locations are more expensive and time consuming compared to if everything was located at one location. The cost increases exponentially with added number of locations, reaching 50+ locations it become unmanageable with enormous cost. The reason are tons of people, software, security, networking and project management involved.

The problem is that the classic tools and ways of working is not optimal for these new demands driven by the globalization and digitalization wave.

Netlang has the networking and security built into the platform and all the 50+ locations become accessible as if they were local. Therefore, with Netlang the project is now as manageable as if it was a local project with just a fraction of the cost.

The Team

The founding team have helped customers solving large scaled integration challenges for the last decades. Lately they’ve found that the increasing digitalization demands are not possible to solve with traditional integration patterns. Netlang AB want organizations to rethink how to work with integration and therefore they invented Netlang.

Netlang is owned and developed by Netlang AB. ICECON has a long-term partnership with Netlang AB. 

Per-Arne Sendren

For further information about the plattform or relevant examples among the world of digitalization, please contact Per-Arne 

      +46 70-999 23 60


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